Meet Lori Jones

Meet Lori Jones

Meet Lori Jones, she is the owner/operator of It’s All About Home, LLC, which is a Premier Home Care agency located in Chesterfield, Missouri. Lori and her team of experienced caregivers are committed to providing excellent, safe, and reliable care to their clients. Her company’s mission, simple; to maintain, and even improve the quality of life of those entrusted to their care. They are an “Exceptional Team Providing Exceptional Care!”

Lori’s journey with Home Care began about 10 years ago (around 2005), when she was faced with the daunting task of finding suitable care for her ailing mother.  She sought quality care, and found a system that fell short.

Lori, married mother of 2, was determined to be a “Game Changer” in the Home Care industry. She was determined to make a difference (Impact), and to provide a “More Excellent Way of Serving” the elderly community.

Her personal experiences with the Home Care industry, challenged her to raise the bar, and to set a new standard. She has worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality. Her dedication, commitment, and compassion can be seen on the faces of those she serves.

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  • Certified in Alzheimer’s Care
  • BBB Accredited